Holiday Shipping Notice


1. As of Dec 18, ALL orders have been shipped. If your order still says "Pre Transit" or "Pre Shipment", read the Holiday Shipping Notice below.
2. If your USPS tracker does not update, this is normal. If it's stuck in "In Transit" and hasn't updated for a week, this is normal. The glut seems to happen in the Houston area, so once it gets out of the Houston region, it usually moves quickly.
3. We DO NOT know any more than what shows on your tracker. USPS will not know anything more than what shows on your tracker. So don't worry about calling them to ask where you package, they will not know. It will arrive once USPS sorts through their glut of packages. We have shipped thousands of packages, and this is the norm every holiday season.
4. We DO NOT and have never guaranteed your package arriving by a certain date, including Christmas. If it has taken weeks, we apologize. USPS is just slammed, hence we make it a point to inform you as early as November that First Class and Priority will both see delays, sometimes up to 1-2 weeks. We are seeing First Class packages take 10-18 days this month. Holiday delays are noted in the listings as well as Shipping Notice, so customers are well aware of delays before they order.
5. Know that USPS doesn't consider an item lost until after 15 days. So we can't even file a lost claim until then. Don't worry, we'll file a claim and get your money back, and can do so well after the holidays. But keep in mind, we've seen orders from Nov 30 arriving as late as Dec 17. It's unimaginable USPS would take so long, but we can't do anything about it but wait it out.
6. Thanks for understanding that we are artist who create products we think you'll love and we ship it. USPS does the rest. Feel free to ask us for help, but don't take your frustration out on the wrong party. It doesn't help us help you.
7. If you read all of the above and below, you know everything we know. But if you have any additional questions, feel free to message us.
8. We will reopen after a short and much needed break! If you'd like to order anything and it's not available, message us to be on the waiting list, and we will take orders again soon. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


HOLIDAY SHIPPING NOTICE (Last updated on Dec 8, 2018)

1) Make sure your shipping address is written correctly and/or current. If it isn't, send us a message right away and we can update it for you! Once an item is shipped, we can't change it, so it will be your responsibility to have it forwarded or collected from that point.
2) First Class normally takes 3-5 business days, and Priority 2-3 business days, but will take longer than the estimated delivery date during the holiday season. USPS only guarantees Priority Express 1-2 Day.
3) Please be aware of USPS tracker lag, which may show your item in "Pre-Shipment" or "In Transit" for days (sometimes much longer) before showing any updates. We ship out the same day your postage label is printed, but it may still show "Pre Shipment" for days on the tracker. This is normal, as USPS may not scan all items during the busy season. It doesn't mean your item is sitting in one place, but it is en route, and will arrive regardless of whether or not it updates on the tracker. Neither we, nor USPS Customer Service, will see any more information while an item is "In Transit", so just keep refreshing the tracker and eventually it will update. We've seen items show "In Transit" for weeks during the holidays. We've also seen items arrive before the the USPS tracker even updates. The tracker is wonky this time of year, so use it as a guide, but keep an eye on your mailbox/porch as well.
4) Please note that USPS Priority 2-3 Day is not a guaranteed service by USPS, and may arrive a few business days later than advertised. We've heard other shops seeing Priority take up to 10 days. Priority 1-2 Day is typically overnight, and is USPS guaranteed, but more expensive. Please choose accordingly if you need an item by a certain date.
5) Though we can't be responsible for stolen packages, we can help you file lost claims when an item is not delivered. Most credit cards also have buyer protection, in the case your package was stolen, so give them a call and file a claim. However, you may to wait, as some packages marked delivered may have just been errantly marked by the carrier, and may show up a few days later. 30 percent of Americans have had a package stolen from outside their home. If you don't have a mailbox, you can prevent stolen packages by having someone available on delivery day or shipped to your office rather than left on the front porch.
6) Most packages should arrive before Christmas if ordered, but we cannot guarantee how quickly USPS sorts through all of their packages. Please check back here for any updates as the holiday progresses.
7) Once our order queue is high enough, we will close the shop temporarily, to allow us to complete orders in time for Christmas delivery. Last year, we closed in early December, so order soon!