Social Influencer Program - VIP Status

September-December 2017

Your Mission

We are currently seeking top lifestyle visual content creators and social influencers with a U.S. follower base of National Park adventurers, hikers, backpackers, globehoppers, fog seekers, light chasers, and all-around outdoor & travel lovers.

Our goal is to give content creators enough time between now and late Fall to create enough lifestyle content for use from September leading up through our busy holiday season. We have lots of product shots, but very little lifestyle content. We believe our maps belong in the field, on a trip, at a National Park, in a truck, cabin, or campfire — not just behind a frame. That's the challenge we hope you'll accept and that's where we hope you'll fill the void.

Our Brand

We are creators of The National Parks Scratch Off Travel Map, as well as a few other scratch off travel maps — including various State, US, World, World Couples Edition, and Canada National Parks maps. Our NP maps are offered at various National Park gift shops and shops nearby National Parks, and was named one of NP at Night's top holiday gifts.

Influencer Qualifications (VIP Status)

  • Have a travel-niche IG, Youtube, and/or Facebook account with 100K+ followers and high engagement.
  • Have the ability to create stunning, visual content on these platforms, either through photography or video, with your own creativity. If we reached out to you, we already love your work!
  • Bonus points: Passionate about National Parks, Hiking/Backpacking, World Travel, Maps, Film-making, and/or Inspiring others to travel
  • Bonus points: Have sales or wholesale rep experience

What We're Looking For

Content Creators

    Photo and video content creators to incorporate our product into your lifestyle content creation. Basically, we give you free access to our catalog of products for your own personal content creation. If we like it, we'd love to use it, but there are no obligations, deadlines or quotas. We want this to be a mutual collaboration opportunity, rather than an obligation that you have to fulfill for a brand. We'll also regularly feature your work on our social channels.

    You'll also get free product to give away to your followers throughout the year, free prints of your work to give away, and best of all, if you choose, a nice kickback through our profit-sharing program based on sales originating from the content that you post!

      Retail Ambassadors

      In addition, as a content creator, you may come in contact with businesses on your travels that you'll come to recognize as potential customers for our brand. As a retail ambassador, you will assist us in getting our products into NP- or travel-themed retail or gift shops & boutiques, either locally or nationally. We’ll teach you what you need to know about reaching out to these businesses during your travels, or even by phone or email.

      In return, you’ll be able to earn easy money for introducing our brand to retailers, as we’ll handle everything after your initial contact.

        Your Ideas

        Don't like the above incentives? We are also open to your own collab suggestions. Tell us your ideas, what has worked for you with other brands, and we’ll listen!

          What You Get

            1. Free Product

            Free access to our entire product catalog. Need anything for a shoot, just let us know!

            Free product to give away to your followers throughout the year and during the holidays). When we create new product, you’ll have the opportunity to create new content and/or do joint giveaways!

            2. 20% Off Gifts

            20% off retail on all product that we create, so you can stock up on gifts anytime!

              3. Earn Residual Income

              Earn 10% of every sale, while your followers get up to 15% off their orders by using your code. It could be placed in your IG bio, IG post, in your IG story (where followers can swipe up to learn more), within or below your Youtube videos, etc. The result is unlimited upside earnings potential influenced by your creativity, rather than a single paid post where you’re paid once for your work.

              As long as you're an influencer, and choose to post, you’ll continue to earn money from the same Youtube video or post that viewers will watch or see months from now. We’ll track it and pay you through Venmo or Paypal once a month.

                VIP Influencer are invited to be a retail ambassador - a program for wholesale account specialists that we're offering to capable influencers, where you'll earn 15% of sales for getting us into relevant retail or gift shops & boutiques, either locally or nationally. For those interested, we’ll teach you how to reach out to these businesses during your travels, or even by phone or email. This is an easy way to earn money for a few minutes of work, as we’ll handle everything after your initial contact. Serious retail ambassadors could earn up to 6-figures with this program alone, and casual ambassadors would earn good residual income for 5 minutes of work.

                  4. Free Prints Of Your Work

                  Did you ever want to give away your own photography or art prints to your followers, but didn’t know how? We have access to a print house. We can help you print and can even ship directly to your followers. You just cover shipping. Free high and archival quality prints for your giveaways, and at a discount for you and your family. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a part of our team!

                    5. Increase Your Social Influence

                    Content creators get featured regularly on our social platforms, and you’ll have an awesome outdoor & travel brand to add to your influencer portfolio.

                        How to Join Our Team

                        Since we've reached out to you, you're already pre-qualified. Reply and let us know that you're interested, and which maps would appeal most to your audience. We'll send you out an Influencer package, set you up with discount codes, and you're free to create!

                        You can also fill out this fun application to help us get to know you better. The more we know, the more we can tailor future opportunities to you!

                        Thanks again for your interest in our brand, and we hope to hear from you soon!

                        Currently Available Product List

                        • The National Parks (Wall Edition-18x24, Travel-Sized Edition-11x18)
                        • The World (24x36)
                        • The World Couple’s Edition (24x36)
                        • The US (18x24)
                        • California (18x24)
                        • Texas (18x24)
                        • Upcoming: Utah, Colorado, Canada National Parks (18x24)

                        Mappinners / September-December 2017